History and Government: What are some of the factors to consider before scheming?


5a ii). State the factors a teacher has to consider before scheming.

 Factors to consider before scheming

Among the factors to be considered by the teacher before scheming are:

  • Resources: These refer to the materials within the reach of the teacher. They include equipment, printed media, audio, visual, audio-visual and community resources.
  • Characteristics of the learners: These should be considered in the light of the following factors: Number of students,  Their entry level, Their academic Background and aspiration, Mental ability.
  • Constraints within the school system: These include time for achieving the goals and objectives, the restriction placed on the teacher by the school system e.g. examinations and other interruptions,
  • Teaching environment: This includes the classroom, its size, environment in the classroom and the relationship between history and other subjects in the curriculum,

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