History and Government: What are the functions of formative evaluation?



6a iii). Explain the functions of formative evaluation.

Functions of formative evaluation

This type of assessment has the following functions:

  • To provide the teachers with knowledge concerning students’ entry behaviour,
  • To provide teachers and learners with specific feedback regarding students’ success in mastery of skills, attitudes or knowledge.
  • To help teachers determine the effectiveness of their teaching techniques and learning materials.
  • To help motivate students to learn more when they perform well in a given assignment. This also encourages students to develop a sense of discipline and systematic study habits.
  • To encourage healthy competition in learning.
  • To secure data for students1 records and reports for administrative purposes,
  • To provide an objective basis for determining the promotion of students from one class to another.
  • To help improve the learning in progress by pinpointing exactly where the learners are having problems so that the teacher can give remedial work.
  • To check the pace of teaching by impelling the teacher to strive to accomplish the desired objective(s).
  • To help the teacher to determine which work to be given to learners at what level (for differential assignment).
  • To furnish parents or guardians with information about their children’s performance.

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