History and Government: What are the qualities of a good syllabus?


4a v). Identify the qualities of a good syllabus.

Qualities of a good syllabus

There is no ideal syllabus but a good history syllabus should:

  • Facilitate the fulfillment of the objectives of teaching history.
  • Be sensible, well-planned, orderly, coherent and a helpful statement of the content of study,
  • Be flexible, allowing for periodic revision, reasonable change depending on historical reconstruction. It should be able to meet any particular teaching problem of the individual school.
  • Contribute to a full life for the learners.
  • Provide a balanced perspective of history avoiding repetition..^ Overlap.
  • Be appropriate and convenient to its locality.
  • Allow learners to handle a wide range of evidence.
  • Offer a balance between local, national and world history so that the three have proportional coverage.
  • Include the study of some topics in depth showing clearly the interrelationship of social, economic, political, cultural and technological factors.
  • Incorporate a component of contemporary history which gives background to current world affairs, This is important because current events are of primary interest to the younger generation

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