History and Government: What is a table of specification?


6c v).Define what a table of specification is

Table of Specification

When preparing tests one should be guided by a table of specifications. This can be defined as a chart for a blue print in which content to be covered in a test as well as levels of cognitive learning (behaviour) are specified. In history testing, behaviour relates to six levels of cognitive development according to Bloom’s taxonomy, namely Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis. Synthesis and Evaluation.

  1. Knowledge: involves recall of specifics and universal or recognition of facts, terminologies, dates, persons, etc.
  2. Comprehension: Involves interpretation, translation, extrapolation, imagination, etc. The learners are expected to put information in their own words, or to paraphrase. The terms tised in formulating such questions are explain, describe, discuss, among others
  3. Synthesis; Requires the learner to put or bring together parts and elements of knowledge to form a whole and build relationships for new situations, e.g. write, formulate, organize and contrast.

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