History and Government: Which guidelines should a teacher follow while setting essay questions?


6 c iv). Analyze the guidelines a teacher should follow while setting essay questions.

  • Restrict essay tests to objectives that are best achieved through this type of testing e.g. analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
  • Avoid vague terms that would elicit contradictory responses from learners. Structure items in such a way that an overall understanding of the learners can be assessed. This can be achieved through the use of questions such as ‘explain why, ‘analyse how’, and ‘give reasons for’ Score” one question at a time for all who attempted it for consistency and flow of your line of thought
  • Score every objective that is to be measured independently,. Mark an essay test when you are physically sound and mentally alert, Make sure (hat the environment you are marking in is free from distractions.
  • Prepare a marking scheme based on valid criteria

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