History and Government:How does a teacher make a scheme of work?


5 a iii). Describe the scheming process.

The scheming process

As a part of the scheming process the teacher should do the following:

  • Obtain the most current History and Government syllabus.
  • Have thorough knowledge of the syllabus requirements and its interpretation
  • Do proper research into the area to be taught In order to identify suitable texts and learning resources.
  • Read systematically on the topic(s) to be taught in order to establish facts and principles in the light of the prescribed syllabus,
  • Collect and write the relevant information.
  • Organize the information as per scheme.
  • Know the number of periods per term allocated to the subject.
  • Decide on the number of periods to be given to a topic.
  • Fit the topics stated in the syllabus in the lesson period, To do this, the teacher must consider the background knowledge of learners, ability and the learning which each topic involves in extent (width) and complexity (depth). The teacher should also consider the content at hand, method and learning activities because these will affect the amount of time taken,
  • Collect relevant instructional materials in readiness for use during the lesson.


Note: The substance of learning as stated in the syllabus must be covered by each class, whether the students are bright, average, dull or backward. These differences are allowed for in the scheme of work by prescribing different methods and varying the amount of work and time on each topic,


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