History and Government:How does a teacher organize for slides?


3 g i).Describe how to organize for slides.

How to organize for slides

  • Decide on the topic to prepare slides on.
  • Write down the teaching points you want to get across to the learners.
  • Make a list of pictures you will like to take.
  • Photograph the scenes you have decided on.
  • Send the film for processing; it will come back to you as a set of slides.
  • Arrange the slides in the order in which you plan to show them.
  • Project them for a friend to evaluate them.
  • After projection discuss with your friend the effectiveness of the pictures and make any necessary adjustments e.g. re-arranging the order of the slides.
  • After re-arranging, number them in order in which they will be shown.
  • Pick them in the order you have arranged them.
  • Project them when required.
  • If necessary give comments on each slide as it is projected. In this case, commentary roles should be prepared in advance as this makes the teacher’s work easier.

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