History and Government:What are the characteristics of well constructed instructional objectives?


5a viii). Explain the characteristics of well constructed instructional objectives.

Characteristics of well constructed instructional objectives

A good instructional objective is made up of three aspects:

  • Terminal behavior:

The objective should be behavioral, measurable and observable. It should describe the learning outcome that the teacher intends to produce as a result of his/her instruction. The objective must be stated in terms of the learner not the teacher.

  • Test conditions:

Conditions are limitations or restrictions placed on the student i.e. the introduction, development and conclusion levels. Proper timing of a lesson simply involves a consideration of how much content or relevant historical material can be covered in a given length of the teaching period at each level or conversely, how much time would be needed to teach effectively the given amount of material for the lesson. The content planned should fit in the time allocated in the lesson. Time factor will dictate the kind of activities the learners will be involved in, the resource to be used and the method the teacher will use to cover given content or topic


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