History and Government:What are the considerations for making a history syllabus?


4b i). List the considerations a teacher has to have in mind when making a history syllabus

Consideration for a history syllabus

The designer of history syllabus should have the following points in mind when designing the syllabus:

  • Nature, structure and concept of history as a subject.
  • Concepts in history as roads lo travel not ideas to be taught.
  • Understanding of history horizontal and vertical dimensions,
  • Selection of meaningful periodization in terms of importance of events in time perspective
  • Learners’ potential, abilities and their understanding of concepts under study.
  • Teacher’s academic status, experience and ability to judge when learners are ready to move forward in concept development according to their age and level.
  • General methodology in existence i.e. how the syllabus will be operational.
  • Nature of learners’historical thinking which is normally slow and disorderly.
  • Selection of content that is useful and relevant.
  • Time available for the teaching of the content. /
  • Resources and facilities available.
  • Forms of assessment especially summative evaluation (external • examination).

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