History and Government:What is the importance of a lesson plan?


5a v). Analyze the importance of a lesson plan

Importance of a lesson plan

A lesson plan is important in teaching and learning of history because:

  • It serves as evidence of careful pre-thinking and preparation by the teacher because the lesson plan is used as a basis for the lesson to be presented.
  • It enables the teacher to be familiar with the teaching content and to visualize the best way of covering, it using appropriate methods and materials.
  • It serves as a summary, guide/road map to the teacher on the content to be taught and action to be taken at various stages of the lesson in order to avoid vagueness and irrelevance.
  • It acts as a reference/a memory bank to the teacher because it reminds one of the main points to focus on during the lesson.
  • It gives the teacher security and confidence so long as there is something to refer to during the lesson.
  • It improves the teacher’s performance by acting as a basis for future planning

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