History and Government: Can you analyze the importance of the chalkboard in the teaching process?


3b vi).Analyze the importance of the chalkboard in the teaching process.


Chalkboard is the most useful and versatile of the visual aids at the disposal of a history teacher. It would not be wrong to say that the chalkboard is irreplaceable and indispensable. According to J.C, Aggarwal (1982), it is the oldest and the best friend of the teacher and the most universally used aid.

Importance of chalkboard

Chalkboard is an important teaching aid because it:

  • Is a mirror through which students visualize the teacher’s mind. e.g. the way of explaining, illustrating and teaching as a whole, Thus, it stands as a visual testimony of the teacher’s work and expression.
  • Enables the teacher to make illustrations, modifications and corrections on the spot.
  • Draws the learner’s attention to the main features of a lesson e.g. drawings and writings thus maintaining and sustaining the learner’s interest as they see things being written.
  • Enables the teacher to record the lesson step by step so that the learners can see the subject lake shape and make a permanent record of it in their books,
  • Also enables the teacher to review the whole lesson step by step for the benefit of the class.
  • Enables the teacher to record what is oral to visible work thus reinforcing oral explanation,
  • Helps the teacher to prepare chalkboard work before hand to save lime. This works well where there are portable chalkboards or the room is not shared with/by other teachers

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