History and Government: Can you define and analyze the discussion method of teaching?


2d ii). Analyze the discussion method of teaching.

It can be defined as a critical examination by argument. As a method, it is an approach in which the students under the teacher’s guidance exchange points of view so as to arrive at a collective decision or conclusion on a given issue/ topic. It can be an exchange of ideas between a teacher and the students and between the students themselves, It is concerned with analysis, comparison and evaluation of ideas, There are two approaches to discussion: expository oriented and inquiry oriented discussion.

Expository oriented discussion is where the teacher defines the objective (s) of the lesson, explains learning activities, allows for the discussion, invites questions before concluding the activity.

In inquiry-oriented discussions, the teacher may not state the objectives, instead one arranges for the discussion to take place and the whole activity is open-ended. Usually, there are no specific conclusions to be made. The teacher serves as a guide not as a leader. The students carry out the discussion and arrive at a conclusion


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