History and Government: Can you justify the use of charts in the teaching and learning process of History and Government?


3c i).Justify the use of charts in the teaching process of History and Government


A chart is a combination of written or drawn pictorial or graphic material, which presents a clear visual summary in tabulated or methodical form, Churls are either teacher-made or ready-made, Where possible it is recommended that teachers make their own charts incorporating their own ideas and line of thought in teaching and learning, If possible the teacher should involve learners in preparation of charts.

Examples of some charts used in teaching and learning of history are pie charts, graphs, pictorial charts, diagrams, time line and line charts.

Uses of charts

Charts can be used to;

  • Direct learners’ attention when it is needed most, e.g. in introduction for a good effect and at the end for forceful conclusion.
  • Motivate learners by providing a variety of media.
  • Summarize information through the use of figures, statistics and symbols.
  • Transform abstract ideas in visual form.
  • Stimulate creative thinking

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