History and Government: Can you suggest guidelines a teacher can use for imaginary visits?


2g iii). Suggest guidelines for imaginary visits?

Suggested guidelines for imaginary visits

The following is a useful guide for a teacher who intends to use imaginary visits in a history lesson:

  • The teacher should choose a place of interest, which is relevant to the topic under study.
  • If the place is within reach but learners are not in h position to visit, the teacher should make effort to visit the area so as to describe it well to the learners.
  • During the visit, the teacher should note carefully what can be seen on the way to the place and also at the site.
  • If possible, a map should be prepared which is simple enough for the learners to understand.
  • When telling the learners to imagine the journey, the teacher should focus on:
  1.  Interesting things seen on the way e.g. wild life, buildings, factories, landscape, etc.
  2. Distance to the place,
  3. Time taken to the place,
  4. Any problems encountered on the way.
  • While at the site, the learners should describe the people, buildings, objects at the place and the activities being performed there.
  • To make imaginary visits real, the teacher should use a variety of relevant learning resources such as pictures of the place and objects from the site. Both the teacher and learners can collect relevant pictures from newspapers, magazines, textbooks etc.
  • The teacher can also take photographs of actual things or places

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