History and Government: History and Government: How can a teacher organize for a role playing exercise?


2f  iv). Describe the organization of role playing.

Organization of role playing

A teacher could organize vole-playing using the following stages:

  • Select a topic that the class understands very well.
  • Give the purpose for rote-playing,
  • Explain areas of emphasis in the topic
  • Decide on the number of the players.
  • Encourage learners to volunteer to play different roles.
  • Select the required number from those who volunteer to participate.
  • Use your discretion to assign roles.
  • Be sure that the players understand the situation and their roles.
  • Brief the audience and make sure everyone understands what the players are trying to do,
  • Let the students act out the situation.
  • Stop players when they step out of their roles or when they cannot continue with success.
  • If time allows get a second group of students to play the roles when the first group has is through.
  • Summarize the role-play presentations with a short discussion.
  • Give concluding remarks, correcting any misinterpretations and errors made.

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