History and Government: How can learner effectively utilize the value of a textbook?


3a vi). Explain how learners can  effectively utilize the textbook

The effective use of the textbook does not end with the teacher. The learners too need to be trained on how to use text. The teacher can do this by:

  • Giving a general introduction to [he textbook and indicating among other
  • Things how the table of contents, index and glossary could be used,
  • Showing them how to sift information from the textbook and guiding them on the main points to look for;
  • Teaching them how to use other sources to supplement or enrich the textbook;
  • Assigning a chapter or a portion from the textbook to the learners read before the lesson begins or after the lesson;
  • Guiding them on how to use the textbook to do some assignment,
  • Teaching them how to get most out of illustrations in the textbook e.g pictures, sketches, maps and charts,
  • Guiding them on how to use chapter heading and sub-headings for

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