History and Government: How can radios be used in the teaching of history and government?



3e v). Explain ways in which  radios can  be used in the teaching of history and government.

Uses of the radio

In history teaching and learning, the radio can be used in various ways. For example, it can be used to inform and motivate the history student on the local, national and international issues. There are radio programmes that could be very useful in creating awareness to history teachers and learners about world issues, Such programmes are: Wazee Hukumbuka, Africa Perspective, Yaliyotufikia, Yaliyotokea, Journey Through Africa, A Healthy Nation, Africa and the World, Parliament and Road Safety,

Although these programmes are not addressed to the classroom audience, the History and Government teacher can make use of any relevant ones. A keen and dedicated teacher can record the programmes; replay them to sieve what is of use to the learners. If it is a pure historical programme it can be replayed in.class. In such a case, the teacher can prepare a series of questions in advance for the learners to be aware of what they are required to extract from the programme,  This could be identifying certain ideas, writing summaries or comparing. The teacher can also alert the learners about the programmes and the time will be on air, and then as part of homework, ask the learners to listen to them. As a follow-up, the teacher should ask learners questions related to the programme.

There are radio programmes to schools, addressing various subjects of the curriculum.”The radio programmes are usually prepared by a team of highly qualified personnel in their respective subjects who ensure that the programmes are supplied to schools and teachers are advised to make full use of them, The programmes are accompanied with teachers’ notes, which need to be studied carefully before the programmes are used. There are also audio cassettes on the same that are available for sale at affordable price,


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