History and Government: How does a teacher effectively conduct a radio lesson?


3 e vii). How does a teacher effectively conduct a radio lesson?

How to conduct a radio lesson   

When conducting a radio lesson, the teacher should:

  • Prepare the learners for die lesson. This can be done by introducing the topic and informing the learners of what is expected of them during and after the lesson, e.g. they should be told to be attentive, to write down new terms and concepts, to make notes and to follow instructions given by the radio teacher;
  • Tune the radio before the lesson begins to ascertain that the volume is high enough for all to hear (this should be tested before the teacher goes to the classroom);
  • Ensure good sitting/seating arrangement;
  • Display the necessary instructional materials before the lesson starts;
  • Place the radio at a strategic place-in the class to enable learners to hear without straining.
  • Turn on the radio at the right time (when the lesson is beginning
  • Turn on the right volume
  • Listen and obey instructions of the radio teacher; and
  • Make a follow-up to the lesson by organizing a discussion, asking the learners questions, or giving a related assignment.

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