History and Government: How does a teacher prepare proper charts?


3c iii). How does a teacher prepare proper charts?

How to prepare charts

When preparing charts for teaching/learning purposes, the teacher should do the following;

  • Use a manila paper, which allows for the use of all conventional colours, white is an ideal colour.
  • Give the chart a heading written in capital letters, which is brief but clear.
  • Give it a frame that has a margin with two opposite sides that are proportional.
  • Sketch out the outline of the chart on a manila paper in pencil.
  • Pencil in the details of the chart lightly.
  • Ink in the outline and details in the chart.
  • Where possible use a lettering guide.
  • Give the chart a key at the right hand bottom corner. The key should tell exactly what each symbol represents. -” “
  • Keep it in good condition before and after use.

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