History and Government: How is the television an educational medium?


3f vii) Examine the television as an educational medium


According to Binning et al (1952), the television has great possibilities as an educational medium, U can be a powerful tool in history teaching and learning because there are some programmes that can be utilized in the lessons

Examples of such programmes are as follows:

  • Special days or public holidays, e.g. Kenyatta Day, Madaraka, Moi and jamhuri day.
  • Religious holidays, e.g. Christmas, Easter and Idd-ul-Fitr.
  • Programmes on past events, e.g. Deutche Welle feature which shows first and second world wars, events following the wars e.g. peace treaty of Versailles, life history and achievements of certain personalities.
  • Cultural programmes, e.g. drama and music festivals, cultural weeks, Kenya Rhythms thai show cultural dances of different communities in East Africa.
  • Special world events, e.g. coronation of presidents, presidential elections, etc.
  • General programmes, e.g. Face-to-Face, “Dunia Wiki Hii”, Yaliyotokea and Agricultural shows.
  • Commercial programmes e.g. trade fairs, stock exchange, and commercial exhibitions. These can be useful in teaching about economic history of Kenya

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