History and Government: What are some of the considerations to be be made by the learner in the discussion method?


2d v). Explain some of the considerations to be made by the learner in the discussion method.

They have to consider the following before and during the discussion

  • The learners should do extensive reading on the topic prior to discussion.
  • Speakers should be acknowledged by either the group leader (small group discussion) or by the teacher (whole class discussion) before speaking.
  • Contributors should speak clearly so that everyone can hear,
  • Questions raised should be worded carefully and clearly,
  • The learners should be creators rather than passive receivers of ideas.
  • Statements/comments made should be related to the problem under discussion.
  • The group leader should ensure that every group member is encouraged to participate in the discussion,
  • The chairman/group leader should listen carefully and record the < findings of the group and then report the results to the whole class.
  • The rest of the class should give comments/add extra information if need be,
  • There should be no monopolization in the discussion.
  • Statements, ideas and arguments should be supported by facts.
  • Learners should respect the views and opinions of their colleagues.
  • Learners should react to the problems under discussion, suggest solutions arid draw conclusions.



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