History and Government: What are some of the importances of the discussion method?


2d iii). Explain the importance of the discussion method

Importance of discussion

Discussion technique is important in the teaching and learning of history because it:

  • Stimulates learners’ mental activity, thus leading to a lively discussion
  • Develops fluency in expression which is necessary in learning and in adult life,
  • Encourages learners to discover information for themselves and trains in the presentation of ideas and facts,
  • Permits social learning through interaction,
  • Develops critical thinking among the learners,
  • Develops leadership qualities among the learners, because it gives them a chance to lead a group,
  • Facilitates retention of material learnt.
  • Develops team spirit as learners work as a team,
  • Helps in clarifying issues,
  • Trains learners to be tolerant and respect other peoples’ views and ideas.
  • Trains the learners to be responsible both in school and in the outside world.



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