History and Government: What are the categorization of Learning Resources?



3 a i). Analyze the categorization of Learning Resources

Categorization of Learning Resources

There is a wide assortment of media to be used in history teaching and learning. Some of them are commercially produced while some are locally made. For convenience of media identification, the following taxonomy will be used:

  • Print media.

This includes textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, newspapers, journals, magazines, programmes, reviews and periodicals.

  • Non-projected media (Graphic materials)

These are materials that use combination of drawings, words, pictures and symbols. They include chalkboard, diagrams, charts, atlas, maps, pictures, bulletins, felt and magnetic boards, Silent projected media –

These are projected materials that have no sound. They include slides, filmstrips, overhead transparencies, silent films and microfilms.

  • Audio-media

It refers to any material through which messages are directed to the ear, In this category there is audiotape recorders and radio.

  • Audio-visual projected media

These are materials through which messages are directed simultaneously at the ear and eye. They include sound films trips, sound slide sets, sound motion pictures and videotapes.

  • Realia

These are real things or objects,

  • Models

These are representatives of real things.

  • Mass media

It refers to any means through which a message is conveyed to the public. This includes radio, television and newspapers. In using the above resources, the teacher has to select the right materials to utilize in a given history lesson


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