History and government What are the criteria for a good project?


2h iii).Examine the criteria for a good project?

Criteria for a good project

For a project to be good, it must satisfy these criteria:

  • Relevancy: It should be relevant to the instructional objective and topic under study. ‘    Usefulness: It should result in a worthwhile end product fulfilling a long-standing need.
  • Economical: It should be reasonable in so far as time, effort, cost and availability of resources are concerned.
  • Suitable and challenging; Should be challenging enough and suitable to the mental age and ability of the learners, not too difficult nor too simple. If difficult, the learners will be discouraged, if too easy they will lose interest or they will not see the seriousness of the activity,
  • Interesting and appealing: This is possible if the projects are chosen depending on the interests of the learners.
  • Richness: It should promote interdisciplinary approach to learning where knowledge is viewed as a whole.
  • Reality: The project should be based on real life situation. The learning experiences in a project must be capable of being applied in life

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