History and Government: What are the disadvantages of the project method?


2h vi). Examine the disadvantages of the project method.

Disadvantages of project method

Project method suffers from a number of disadvantages:

  • It upsets the routine work of the school; this is especially the case with fieldwork.
  • It is not possible to apply all the subjects in a single project.
  • Sometimes teachers end up emphasizing trivial points when they are trying to show inter-relatedness of topics or subjects,
  • Learners do not always make the best choices. As such the choices they make do not reflect their interest and ability.
  • Learners get difficulties in getting relevant books for book-based projects.
  • Sometimes learners may not comprehend what they are doing e.g. in book-based projects where students may just copy notes without understanding,
  • The method is very demanding on the. part of the teacher for it needs efficiency and resourcefulness, This scares off many teachers from trying it out,
  • Grades given to learners do not always reflect the actual ability or performance of each individual student.
  • Project method is expensive and time consuming especially the field-based one.
  • If not well planned, learners may lose sight or vision of the project and utilize that time to enjoy themselves or engage in other unproductive activities.

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