History and Government: What are the preparations which ought to be made by a teacher before an educational visit?


2f ix). Examine the preparations to be made before an Educational visit.

Preparation to be made before an Educational Visit

Preparations must be made both by the teacher and the learners. The teacher should do the following:

  • Identify a relevant place.
  • Discuss the matter with the head of the school for approval.
  • Plan objectives of the visit,
  • Inform the students about the intended visit.
  • Visit or contact relevant people or agents to seek permission.
  • Prepare and send questionnaires in advance to the people who will be in charge of the students during the visit. Sometimes the learners take it as a form of i ;result they lose its meaning,
  • Sometimes students do not like playing certain roles especially those of un-admirable personalities.
  • Agree on date, time and number of students, teachers and activities the learners will be involved in.
  • Inform the parents about the visit through a written note.
  • Enlist support and assistance of other members of staff and parents.
  • Make arrangements with school authorities for students left behind or duties left unattended.
  • Make a route plan.
  • Review field trip guide for students.
  • Provide students with necessary materials.
  • Arrange for safety devices by the students.
  • Establish rules of contact, behaviour standards and form of dress.
  • Give procedure to be followed when one gets lost or is left behind,
  • Take roll call before the start of the trip.

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