History and Government: What are the shortcomings of textbooks in teaching in the classroom?



3a vii). Explain the shortcomings of textbooks in the classroom.

  • Some of them provide sketchy information and this misdirects and discourages the
    readers who solely depend on them.
  • When overused they replace the teacher in the classroom
  • Textbooks predigest material and so denies the learners the need to
    think, to do their own organizing and arrive at independent conclusions.
    They encourage rote learning.
  • Sometimes the textbooks represent the views of the author or
    government of the day thus indoctrinating the learners.
  • Textbooks are pre-planned and do not meet the varied abilities of a
    typical class. The class members usually move together as if they are of the same ability thus ignoring individual differences. They treat too
    many topics, present too many ideas too fast to be absorbed within a
    given period of time. It does not matter whether the learners have
    understood or not.
  • Textbooks are usually not written in readable form. Rarely do students
    comment on the excitement and vigour of a textbook as they might on
    the qualities of a motion picture or a recording.
  • Textbooks are hard to keep up-to-date. In some topics the material is
    out of date by the time the book appears in the market and it takes time before it is revised

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