History and Government: What is a whole class discussion? How can it be employed by teachers today?


2d viii). Highlight the nuances of whole class discussion and its implementation.

Whole Class Discussion

Whole class discussion often than not comes up as an Impromptu activity, It comes in the midst of student-teacher talk when an Issue urines that requires to be clarified further, At other times a disunion can lit a parked off when a teacher throws a pre-planned question to the class on the topic under study. In this discussion, a periodic summary of what has been Mild Is essential. This helps to evaluate the progress of the discussion us well as to keep everybody up-to-date.

As a teaching technique, the whole class discussion cannot work alone. It is serviced by other methods like lecture, questioning, small groups because after using a given approach, the teacher addressees whole class and thus initiates more response/discussion from the class.

The teacher should note the following about unplanned discussion:

  • Do not allow discussion to digress into less productive side issues. If it does, be alert to lead it back to the right path.
  • Limit the discussion to a few major facets of the topic. In this way, you will be able to discuss

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