History and Government: What is the procedure for showing a film?


3f vi). Give details on the procedure for showing a film.

Procedure for showing a film

Below are some of the ways a teacher can prepare for film showing:

  • Prepare yourself’
  1.  One should select a film related to the study;
  2.  pay careful attention to the recommended level of use;
  3.  check the equipment to ascertain that it is in good condition;
  4.   plan how it is going to be used, and
  5.  use film guides (pamphlets),
  • Prepare the classroom:
  1. Place the title, new vocabulary and main points or questions on the chalkboard;
  2. Set up the equipment, thread;
  3. Check seating, the screen and ventilation.
  • Prepare the learners:
  1.  Introduce the film and tell them why they are viewing it – the purpose
  2.  Display support material if any
  3.  Explain the new words and terms appearing on the chalkboard.
  4.  Identify the learners’ activities.
  5.  Identify the main points they should look for in the film.
  6.  Let students note down the questions to be answered by the use of a film.
  7.  Give them a study guide to follow if available Present the film
  • Present the film
  1. When everything is ready maintain silence and start the film.
  2.  Focus and frame the film.
  3.  Check sound level:
  4.  Watch for film failure due to damage.
  5.  Do not make comments while the film is running
  6.  If need arises, stop the machine for comments, discussion or explanation before you continue.
  7.  After completing showing the film, make a follow-up
  • Follow-up
  1.   Ask students questions about the film.
  2.   Discuss the main features of the film
  3.   Initiate creative follow-up activities, e.g. written work, tests, projects, reading on the  topic and preparing a report,
  4. If necessary reshow the film

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