History and Government: What is the purpose of role playing in teaching?


2f ii). Examine the purpose of role playing in the teaching of History and Government.

Purpose of role-playing

Role-play has these purposes:

  • It helps people see a situation through other peoples’ point of view.
  • It prepares learners to fit in different situations in life as they play different roles,
  • It helps in clarifying and demonstrating attitudes and concepts,
  • It deepens understanding of social situations.
  • It helps in planning and trying out strategic for attacking problems.
  • It helps in testing out hypothetical solutions to problems,
  • Learners are able to practice leadership skills,
  • It heightens motivation in learning as the roles played excite both the participants and the audience.
  • It exposes the learners to certain experiences, which are useful in the development of some historical concepts, thus making these concepts alive in the thinking of the participants,
  • It helps in developing hidden talents of learners that are not nurtured by other teaching procedures,

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