History and Government: What is the use of tape recorders in teaching?


3f i).Explain the use of tape recorders in teaching.

The tape recorder

A tape recorder could be defined as a device used to record speech, music and on electromagnetic tape. It is a very useful tool in history teaching and learning because it can be used and reused over and over again; it is easy to operate e.g. to tape record, to start, edit and to erase; it has high fidelity and lastly it adds authenticity and reality by bringing the a to the learners.

Use of tape-recorder in teaching

Tape recorders could be used during the following occasions;

  • Interviews: In teaching a topic such as functions and duties of provincial administration, the area chief, assistant chief and village elders could be interviewed directly by either the teacher or the learners. Other people of interest who could be interviewed include church leaders, politicians and lawyers. The learners could also conduct imaginary interviews with historical figures dead or alive, e.g. Harry Thuku, Jomo Kenyatta, Dedan Kimathi, Kwame Nkrumah, Tom Mboya, Nelson Mandela and De’Klerk.

Note:  When using imaginary interviewing the interviewer and the interviewee should do thorough research on the topic of discussion.

  • Speeches: The teacher and the learners could record live speeches.’by the president(s), members of parliament and administrators (P.O., D.O.) during the national public holidays, The teacher could also record audio cued (already recorded) speeches replayed through the radio and television programmes, e.g. speeches by Jomo Kenyatta, President Daniel Arap Moi, Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere and other important figures.
  • Debates: The tape recorder could be used to record a debate/discussion by a group of students on important matters from a selected theme/ topic, e.g. a topic like factors promoting national unity, the learners could debate on the importance of Kiswahili as a national language. The discussion could then be replayed to the same group or another group of learners for evaluation. The teacher could also make use of relevant debates in television programmes by videotaping and replaying them in class.
  • Dramatization/role play: The students could act a play on some roles played by some personalities in the history of Kenya, e.g. the trials of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. The voices could then be recorded and replayed back to the students for further discussion on the topic.
  • Lessons: A teacher intending to be absent from school due to some reasons can tape record history lessons and make arrangements for the lessons to be replayed to the students during the time of absence.

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