History and Government: When does the teacher use collateral materials?


3 b iv).Explain situations in which a teacher is supposed to use collateral materials.

When does the teacher use collateral materials?

There are a number of situations, which call for the use of collateral material in history, Some of these are when:

  • The teacher is referring to current events and their analysis of political situation in the world, recent archaeological findings, political changes in different parts of the world and democracy in the world.
  • The teacher wants to get background knowledge about important local, , national and world problems, e.g. poverty, discrimination, disunity, corruption, dictatorship and coup d’etat.
  • One wants to introduce a lesson, comics and cartoons in newspapers can be used to enact a story, this will serve as a basis of introduction (set induction),
  • The teacher wants to improve reading and discussion skills, students will learn how to carry out a discussion when they read about interviews, dialogues, court proceedings and many others

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