History and Government:How can a teacher in History and Government effectively employ the use of Group reports in teaching?


2e i) Discuss how a teacher can effectively employ the use of Group reports in teaching.

Group reports

In using group reports, the teacher should do the following:

  • Give students a topic to discuss in groups of 3-6 depending on the size of the class. In a large class, assign different sub-topics to various groups for discussion.
  • Ensure that each group has a chairperson and a secretar, the latter should write down the main points discussed,
  • During discussion, move from one group to another io listen to and guide the discussion (see in Figure 6).
  • After the groups have had enough time to discuss the topic, allow a reporting session where each group leader will report the group findings,
  • As each group presents its findings, the other students should jot down the main points of the presentation.
  • Allow time for questions, comments, clarification and additional points.
  • Give concluding remarks on what has been discussed.

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