History and Government:How does a teacher effectively use a chart for maximum effect?


3c iv). Explain how a teacher can  effectively use a chart for maximum effect?

How do you use it?

In using the chart the following should be done;

  • Give a provision for hanging or pinning the chart at a strategic place in the classroom. Do not use learners to hold it unless it cannot be helped.
  • Use proper materials for displaying the chart without damaging it, e.g. cello tape, a string for hanging pins and staples.
  • Display it when you are ready to use it, i.e. It should be introduced at the right time.
  • At times prepare questions that could be answered using the chart.
  • Use a pointer to point out specific features in the chart.
  • Make maximum use of the chart during the lesson.
  • Once the class is through with the chart, it should be removed.
  • Store and preserve it for future use

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