History and Government:What are models and what significance do they have on the teaching process?



3 e i). Explain the significance of models in the teaching process.


A model is a copy or a representation of a real thing or object on a smaller scale. Just like an actual object or thing it has breadth, length and depth and can be viewed from other sides. Usually, models are not true to scale miniature but the more accurate ones are better teaching aids because the learners are able to visualize them as they would have visualized the real objects.

Importance of models

Models are essential in teaching and learning of history because:

  • They represent the real object which may not be available or could be too bulky to be brought to the classroom.
  • They add meaning and realism to the explanation about an object.
  • They make the learning interesting as the learners participate in the preparation of the models.
  • Learners become creative and initiative as they are expected to come up with good models.
  • Use of models can sometimes be economical’ in terms of time and finance. For example, instead of taking the class to a historical site, the models of objects on the site could be made by both the learners and the teacher and then be brought to the classroom for use.

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