History and Government:What are some of the guidelines which can be followed by teachers when dealing with learner’s questions?


2c vi). Explain guidelines which can be followed by teachers when dealing with learner’s questions.

The following are guidelines, which can be utilized when dealing with  learners’ questions:

  • Show pleasure and appreciate learners’ efforts when they ask if questions.
  • Treat students’ questions with respect,
  • Consider all questions no matter how silly they may be.
  • If possible ask a series of sequential questions using the students’ knowledge and experience to lead them in finding answers themselves. ‘
  • Sometimes use a series of linked questions to get me answer another student(s).
  • If the answer is simple and obvious, get it quickly from the other students.
  • If it is obvious that the student’s question springs from lack of understanding of what has been taught, when possible use chalkboard sketches, diagrams, objects, models or actions while answering
  • If the question is irrelevant, you can do any of the following:

Tell the student you will answer it outside class.

Use it as the basis for a new lesson if the point it deals with comes immediately                after that lesson,

If it touches on a topic to be covered, Promise to handle when dealing with the                 topic in question,

  • Dismiss rude or useless questions
  • For some questions, give the student reference material to read to find the answer, Encourage, the students to ask questions that challenge the next or other students’ statements,
  • Avoid allowing particular learners to dominate ‘n answering questions.
  • If you do not know the answer to a learner’s question, you should say so and promise to find out the answer. The promise should be kept.

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