History and Government:What are the guidelines for panel discussion?


2e v). Explain the guidelines for panel discussion

Guidelines for panel discussion

After the members of a panel have been identified, the following should be carried out:

The panelists should prepare adequately on the selected topic with the help of the teacher who will guide them on their roles and the procedure to follow during the presentation. For example the chairperson will be expected to:

  1. Introduce the topic.   Prepare the audience by drawing their attention and explaining the procedure of the discussion.
  2. Introduce the panelists (participants),
  3. Control the discussion to ensure that time is kept.
  4. Invite and encourage the audience to ask questions at the opportune time.
  5. Sum up when necessary.

Dose the discussion.

  • Before the presentation, the panelists should go through the main points of their discussion amongst themselves.
  • The panelists should discuss the given topic among themselves as the class listens attentively jotting down questions to ask the panel.
  • The class should also have a checklist to evaluate the panel.
  • After the presentation by the panel, the discussion is open to the whole class and the teacher takes over from the chairperson.
  • The class will either accept or reject some points raised by the panelists.

They will also ask questions.

  • The teacher will supervise the discussion and evaluate the points raised.
  • Wind up the discussion by as Icing questions and telling the students to make a summary in writing.

Note. The panel discussion could be used when a topic under discussion provides a variety of points of view and when the students have done research in a group and their results need to be presented before the class.


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