History and Government:What  Consideration should a teacher who intends to use educational  visits make before embarking on it?


2f viii). Examine the considerations to be made when using educational visits as a method of teaching by teachers.

Consideration to be made by the  teacher  intending   to  use educational visits

The teacher should answer the following questions positively before embarking on a visit:

(1)         Will the visit be relevant to educational objectives?

(2)        Will the visit be of genuine interest to the learners?

(3)        Will it be suitable for the age and class level?

(4)        Are educational values for the prepared visit definite and clear?

(5)        Will it produce learning that is justified for time consumed and trouble taken?

(6)        Will it provide observational experience, which is not available?

(7)        Will it fit naturally in the sequence of students’ work?


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