History and Government:What is Project method and how can it be applied by a teacher?


2 h i). Define the Project method.

Project Method

Project method is a child-centered approach to learning. It aims at developing the child into a decent worthwhile citizen by actively involving one into the learning process and freeing the individual from traditional school environment, which is usually marked with passivity and lacks keenness and real life.

A project method has been defined as:

  • Any unit of activity, individual or group, involving the investigation and solution of problems that is planned and carried to conclusion by a student or students under the guidance of the teacher. (Callahan, J.F. and Clark, L.H., Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School: 1990.)
  • An educational assignment necessitating personal initiative on the part of the learner (Barnhart, C.L. and Stein Jess, The American College Dictionary: 1970).
  • A piece of work that needs skill, effort and careful planning especially over a period of time (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: 1987).



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