History and Government:What is the criteria for good pictures?



3 d ii). Analyze the criteria for good pictures.

Criteria for good pictures

  • A picture selected for History and Government teaching and learning must be:
  • Truthful and accurate: A picture which portrays any event or subject in history must represent it truthfully.
  • Clear and easy to understand: Important parts of the picture must stand out clearly. It must also portray one dominant idea.
  • Interesting: Since the aim of using a picture is to arouse interest and stimulate the mind, it must be attractive in its artistic form and colour.
  • Clean and in good condition: It should not be faded and crumpled on the edges.
  • Suitable: A picture should be suitable for a particular purpose. To achieve this, one must ask the following guiding questions: What point is it meant to illustrate?; What part is it meant to play in the lesson? ;  For what particular purpose is it suitable?
  • Visible: It should be large enough and easily visible to the entire class.
  • Relevant and useful: A picture must have some educational value making an important contribution to the lesson.
  • Pleasing and harmonious: It must have original colours accurately and vividly reproduced.
  • Artistically and technically of high quality

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