History and Government:What is the impact of imaginary educational visits?


2g ii). Examine the impact of imaginary educational visits.

Imaginary educational visits

A very stimulating approach of teaching history would-be to weave facts around an imaginary visit to the actual place where events took place. This approach could be used under the following situations:

  • When teaching remote history, the teacher should take the learners’ minds to that time in the past; they should be asked to imagine that
  • they are living during that period in the past and to visualize how they . would have reacted in a given situation at that time.
  • When the place under discussion cannot be visited because of the distance or insecurity, the learners should be asked to take imaginary journeys to that place.
  • When the learners cannot visit a given place because of lack of money or time, IST^
  • When teaching topics, which are not exciting/interesting, the learners can be led to visualize the events vividly as if they are happening now. ,
  • When the teacher’s aim is to develop imaginative powers of the learners.

Before embarking on an imaginary visit, the learners should be assigned roles, which they are supposed to perform at the imaginary site/venue. These would include interviews, observations and participation in other relevant activities. They would then be told to make individual or group reports, on coming back from the imaginary visit.

This kind of approach will inspire learners to research on some unfamiliar topics so long as they are guided on what to look for so that they can be able to report their findings to the class.


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