History and Government:Which are some of the syllabus topics which require the use of collateral materials?


3b ii). Analyze some of the syllabus topics which require the use of collateral materials.

Syllabus topics, which call for use of collateral materials

A teacher should be on the lookout tor collateral materials, which may attain relevant information on some related topics in History and Government. The following topics offer suitable ground for use of these materials:

  • National Integration .
  • The formation, structure and functions of the Kenya Government,
  • Local authorities in Kenya. :’
  • Government revenue and expenditure in Kenya.
  • Food situation in Africa and Third World countries
  • Urbanization in Europe since the Industrial Revolution with special reference to Britain. .•
  • Effects of Industrial Revolution in Europe, The Scientific Revolution,
  • Trade,
  • Constitution and constitution malting
  • Lives and contributions of Kenyan leaders.
  • The Electoral Process and Functions of Governments lB0th.w.paptsof the world,
  • International Relations. .
  • Development and challenges in Kenya since independence.
  • Democracy and Human Rights,

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