History and Government: What is the importance of resource persons in the teaching and learning of History and Government?


3e iv).Explain the importance of resource persons in the teaching and learning of History and Government.

Resource People

A resource person is anybody who can supply learners with useful information not available. The person could be either a professional or a non-professional. Examples of resource people are: civic leaders, government officers, village elders, religious leaders, and war veterans, fellow teachers in the school students, parents, craftsmen, and blacksmiths.

How a teacher can make use of a resource person.

  • Identify the resource person.
  • Invite the resource person through the head teacher.
  • Inform the resource person about what you intend to teach together with the level of the learners.
  • Prepare the learners for the talk from the resource person by informing them of the topic.
  • Inform the other teachers in case the discussion takes more time.
  • A teacher can use a resource person if he/she doubts to teach a certain topic.
  • A resource person can even teach during field trips

Importance/advantages of resource persons in History and Government teaching and learning

Resource persons are useful sources of history because of a number of reasons:

  • New life is breathed in the subject (history) when learners get first­hand experience direct from the source.
  • They inspire learners by making them identify with national and international speakers or with the issues that they have presented.
  • Resource people influence the future careers of the students. After getting a lecture from prominent persons, the learners may aspire to be like those persons.
  • Use of resource people motivates the learners to learn with the hope that the resource person has something special to offer.
  • They provide new information to the learners and teachers which might not be available in history books.
  • They provide interaction between the school and the wider community preparing the child for life.

Disadvantages of using a resource person

  • If not guided, the person may deviate from the topic
  • Inviting a resource person may interfere with the school program
  • It is time-consuming
  • It is expensive
  • Failure of the resource person to turn up may demotivate the pupils
  • They may at times give the gloomy pictures of their profession e.g doctors
  • They are not teachers so may be unable to handle the class well and deliver the content.

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