History and Government: Can you examine the impact of Question and Answer Method in the Overall teaching and learning of history?


2b iii).Examine the impact of question and answer method n the overall scope of teaching and learning history.

Question and Answer Method

Questioning technique lies at the heart of effective history teaching and learning. Il is one of the most important means of stimulating thinking and learning, According to Kochher (1992) “the teacher who never asks questions never teaches”. In fact, every teacher asks questions in class whether consciously or unconsciously. Some questions are meant to fill up time while others are pre-planned depending on the objectives of the lesson or the unit, which is being taught.

Any history teacher can ask questions in the course of his/her teaching but to ask them properly and effectively requires understanding, insight and experience. Good questioning technique calls for pre-planned questions which are well distributed to cover all the cognitive levels of learning according to Bloom’s taxonomy of learning which are: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation


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