History and Government: What are Oral Sources?


1b iii). Explain what Oral sources are highlight some of their advantages.

Oral sources

Oral sources include current verbal messages and oral traditions. Current verbal messages refer to recent happenings as told through word of mouth by an authority or a participant in a given situation. They could be on history or government, In history for example, when dealing with a topic “Economic Developments”, the teacher can invite an economist from the Ministry of Finance and Planning to talk about Kenya’s strategies for economic developments. Under Government, the teacher can invite an army or police officer to talk about their functions or responsibilities,

As source of History and Government, oral sources have some advantages in that they provide first-hand information from the participator or witness of an event. History becomes lively and interesting because it is told from the point of view of the participator or the narrator. They correct basic biases in local and foreign interpretation and lastly they sometimes provide information, which is not available in books,


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