History and Government: What are some of the guidelines a teacher ought to follow  to ensure he employs good questioning techniques


2 c ii). State the essential guidelines to good questioning techniques.

Guidelines to questioning technique
The following suggestions are useful to a teacher who intends to use questioning;
• The questions should be related to the objective of the lesson.
• The questions should be within the students’ background, experience and ability.
• Language used should be simple and appropriate to the age level.
• The questions should be directed to the whole class. This helps to ensure that all students pay attention to the question as every member of the class stands a chance of being asked to respond to it.
• The questions should follow an interrogative form, beginning with: who, which, what, when, why, how, etc.
• There should be a pause before the teacher picks on a particular student to answer the question. Enough time ought to be allowed for the learners to respond to the question depending on its nature whether it is on recall or critical thinking. The latter requires more time.
• The teacher should prepare key questions to be asked in ilu1 main stages of the lesson in advance.
• The questions should follow a sequence so that the answers form a loosely connected but logical account.
• The questions should spread to the whole class involving as many students as possible (as shown in Figure 5).
• Where the learners fail to respond to a question, the teacher should give a cliie that indicates the scope or type of the answer expected. The teacher should evaluate the questions used in the lesson (u check whether they were dear, to the level of the learners and how relevant they were, then make necessary improvement.



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