History and Government: What is the importance of studying Government?


1 a vi). Explain the importance of studying government.

The importance of studying government

The study of government is necessary because:

  • It makes the learners aware of their rights and obligations, thus preparing them to play an effective role in the society.
  • It creates awareness in learners on how conflicting interests arising in the society are regulated in order to maintain law and order.
  • Enables learners to apply their understanding when voting, petitioning and speaking publicly.
  • To prepare for a career that requires a strong knowledge of government.
  • Enables us to deal with the government effectively in our future profession.
  • It contributes to the success of a democracy that depends on your understanding and active participation
  • Through the understanding of government, one can participate and bring about change in your community or country
  • It exposes learners to various systems of government and principles, which govern them. This prepares them for effective participation in the political arena.
  • It creates awareness in the learners for the need of an organized system of government to safeguard against instability (anarchy)




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