History and Government: What is the importance of studying history?


1 a  iv).Highlight  the  importance of studying history

  • It welds the society together by creating a spirit of togetherness and interdependence among people who have a common goal and interest.
  • It helps to modify and improve the society by pointing out weaknesses and strengths of peoples’ activities.
  • History teaches us what man has done and thus what man is.
  • It gives people a sense of identity by informing and giving them direction e.g. who they are, where they came from and why they are found where they are.
  • It educates humanity on the world citizenship leading to international cooperation and interdependence among nations.
  • It is the story of our present environment that is, its origin, evolution, and development,
  • It enlightens us on our rich cultural heritage and that of the wider community.
  • History transmits unique concepts such as nationalism, patriotism, democracy, and civilization.

The foregoing shows the value of history in education that, its knowledge equips one for life and a better understanding of the world.


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