History and Government: Why should a teacher employ questioning as a teaching method?


2b iv). Explain the purpose of  the questioning method.

Purpose of questioning

Questioning technique should not be used for the sake of it but rather it should be applied to:

  • Revise work already covered and expose difficulties which the learners may be faced with so that they can be solved.
  • Prepare learners for new material by finding out what the learners know regarding a particular topic.
  • encourage self-expression, promote thinking and develop appreciation of ideas among the learners,
  • Stimulate interest, imagination, initiative and creativity among the learners.
  • Help establish rapport with learners in order to keep them involved and attentive during the lesson.
  • Emphasize main points in a lesson,
  • Show relationship such as cause and effect.
  • Enable the learners to develop the skill of observation and interpretation of materials presented to them.

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