History and Government:What are the sources of History and Government?


1 ix).Explain the sources of History and Government.

The American College dictionary defines a source as “anything or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained; origin” while Longman Dictionary defines it as ‘a person or thing that supplies information’. From these two definitions it can be concluded that sources of history and government could be books, places, persons, things or objects from which we could get historical data,

It is important for a history and government teacher to know these sources because;

  • It makes one not only aware of the various history and government sources at one’s disposal but also of other alternative sources in case the ones in hand are inadequate .
  • It enables the teacher to identify the weaknesses of various sources available and thus be able to assess the reliability of the information available by cross -checking with other sources.
  • It provides the teachers with the procedure to use to collect historical data for teaching,
  • It helps the learners to develop enquiry skills whereby they will learn to pose hypotheses, collect data, determine the authenticity of sources and draw conclusions from the data collected. They will also learn how to criticize and analyze data,

There are various sources from which information for history and government is obtained. The main sources are written documents, oral sources archaeology, linguistics and anthropology. While written and oral sources provide information for both History and Government, the others are purely sources for history.


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